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You are the most beautiful

Avignon, France


I begin to understand that all the girls are not Delphine and that what I aspired at first will not simply be possibleDelphine is the girl of the walls with whom I spend most of the time. I stay behind the trucks and without asking too many questions, I let things come to me, the night-life takes place, things came to light as we talked. We chat. She sometimes forgets my presence, I sometimes nearly felt asleep on the bed perfectly done. I realize that Delphine’s open mind is exceptional, for the moment all my expectations are fulfilled and the attempts with other prostitutes are vein. The girls begin to know me and my hesitating night wandering around put them little by little uncomfor- table, they know me as a photographer and my freedom and possibilities of actions reduced every night by them knowing I’m around to photograph them. I could take pictures, beautiful images ... Stuck in their cockpit, a blow of my random flash, and a pictures has been taken while they are waiting, wandering, expecting. Stolen, stealth photos but incredibly effi- cient. At first, at the beginning, I expected and desired the pictures but didn’t have enough guts, since that time the guts came along but I lost desire. The challenge is there, step across the border, deal a picture, find out the way to obtain a consent. When I do, I feel excitement. It’s almost impossible to obtain, then frustrated and secure of my «good intentions», I hide myself behind lies. I started to record secretly our conversations with a dictaphone in my pocket and I left it drag in Delphine’s truck for some short sessions. I reassured myself by persuading me that what I do will never harm her, and that she’ ll never had to deal with the fear of being recognized by her friends, family. Anyway the betrayal is here whatever, I think of my work no matter what. I understand their refusal, I respect it, partially maybe sometimes, I stole a bit, I lie also, I abuse for sure sometimes... But I find these privileges moments essential to my ap- proach, then I want to share them. A pass, 50€, a blow-job, 30€ negotiable into 20€. It is violent to offer yourself for 50 box, and if the customer is wailing to offer more, they accept the unprotected sex. A life exchanged against a few dollars fallen from a wallet. I call them the PP, The popular prostitutes. They all are in the majority not very attractive, not very young either, about forty years old average, and they spend hours in their trucks waiting. The phone glued to their ears, they tell each other about themselves, show off sometimes, share gossips, complain, discuss business, spend the time ...The Ladies Of The walls.











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